Content Contribution FAQ

We’re looking for stories and thought pieces about the Internet itself and its use.  The questions we frequently ask are:

  • What really amazes you about the Internet?
  • What do you observe has been possible with the Internet, that would never have been imaginable before?
  • What have we learned from the Internet that we can (should) take away to other aspects of our lives?

You may have questions of your own.  Here are some common ones, with answers.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We’d like first-hand experience stories, personal perspectives, technical community viewpoints, civil society outlooks, etc.  Really, the reach is broad.

What topic areas are you interested in?

Some suggested types of areas to discuss include:

  • How is the Internet itself novel, what can we learn from its history?

If you are a network engineer, a technology developer, an open standards developer, a social scientist who has watched the development of the Internet, you may have a unique perspective into hurdles that the Internet has overcome.

  • What uses of the Internet have enabled otherwise impossible outcomes?

Put another way, of the many things that are different in today’s world than when our parents or grandparents became adults,  which things are brought to us because of the Internet and its use?

  • How are these impossible outcomes shaping our lives, communities, and governments outside the realm of the Internet itself?

Our expectations — of distance, communication, organization, availability of information — are all different now than a decade or two ago.  How has that impacted us personally?  commercially?  culturally?

Okay, I have an idea I’d like to share, how long a text do you want and what should it cover?

Length – approx 300 – 500 words
A short description of a top Internet thing (maybe the top thing) that you cannot imagine having happened without the Internet or the way it was developed and deployed.
Explain to readers why this was so important/impactful, and why you want others to value it.

It would be helpful to share thoughts on what about the Internet makes this possible — whether those characteristics of the Internet still exist today, and reflections on what could happen next.

I have an idea I’d like to share, but I’ve already published it elsewhere.  Do you still want the text?

If you have the right to republish the text, we’d be happy to include it on the InternetImpossible website, and we can cite the original publication.


I’ve seen a really interesting piece of text written by someone else — can I submit it?

We’d be happy to hear about any interesting InternetImpossible stories already published!

We will not republish any material here without proper permissions — generally, from the original author directly.  If you can make them aware of this project (and encourage them to contribute), that would be grand.


How do I submit my proposed contribution?

Please send it in e-mail to .  Thanks!

Will I receive any money for my contribution?

The website is operated on a voluntary content contribution model.  No content is being bought; authors will not receive financial or similar compensation.  You will, however, be immemorialized on the website, and really, that’s something!


What happens if my contribution is accepted?

Your contribution will be published and attributed to you.   We are not promising fame or fortune, but your name will be featured on the web page and in our social media outreach!

By submitting a proposed contribution, you are declaring that you have the right to grant this site the right o publish the material.



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