Daddy, Can’t We Find Out How To Make Sparkles?



Contributed by:  Dan York

This morning our five-year old daughter was holding a jar of “sparkles” that my wife had purchased for the upcoming Halloween festivities. She asked “How do they make sparkles, Daddy?”

I said I didn’t know and before I could say anything else she said:

“I know… we can go learn about how they make sparkles and then we can make them ourselves!”

She was pointing over toward my wife’s laptop and I knew she was meaning that we could go find a website or watch a video on YouTube and learn all about making sparkles.

THIS is the amazing connected world in which she has grown up. Her immediate thought is that she can just go and learn about it somewhere out there on the Internet.

Anything is possible.

You just have to find a website or video or something else that will help you get started. That is her reality and her expectations.

Of course, this would have been Impossible when I was five years old back in the 1970s… but today, this is what the Internet makes possible.

Amazing times!

Dan York is a prolific writer and speaker on Internet and technology topics. Links to his writing and audio podcasts can be found at and he can be found on many social networks as “danyork”.

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